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Testimonials - Wolf Pack Leadership

"True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders"

Robert Townsend

Wolf Pack Leadership - Testimonials

Leadership is an attitude that comes from within.

"Such an insightful and informative day out of the office.  Spending time on 'me' whilst also learning practical tools for the work team environment. 5 stars!" - Lizzie Jordan

"A very comfortable mix and blend of information, conversation and useful resources all set within the context of the wolf pack." - Cath Wakeman

"The course was very interesting and I learnt a lot from it.  It shows you how much we could learn if we only just took the time to think through and learn from experiences." - Claire Weingaertner

"Very interesting talking about importance of the Omega.  Booklet a lovely reference." - N.Hetherington

"Really enjoyed it all.  Loved the combination of both your energies and expertise.  Fantastic booklet and thanks so much for the gift. x" - Sally Canning

"All information was excellent and I will be making some changes to my life and the things I do ... especially time management." - G. M.

"Thoroughly enjoyable & extremely useful.  I will take what I have learnt today & implement into my life straight away, both at home with kids, dogs & husband and also in my business life." - S.O.

"I loved this course. I found the Tree Breathing particularly helpful. I now feel I have the tools to go out and pursue the life I want" - J.H. 

"A lot of knowledge put together by you both.  Certainly made me think about ME!" - K.L.

"Learning about the way of the wolf was very enlightening and is very much the way we should follow.  Great delivery in a relaxed and comfortable environment." - Ruth Sutcliffe

“Really useful stuff with a unique approach.  Great delivery, great insight.  Helped me recognise some of my own strengths and weaknesses that were 'lurking' within.  Thanks a million." -
Vikky Clarke
"Really enjoyable... linking it to wolf behaviour just reinforces the message." - A Cody
"Great course, really useful and interesting information.  Delivered in a fashion that will have more impact longterm than other 'leadership course' because of relating it to something living and practical (in the wolf pack).  Thank you to you both for a great experience." - Suzy Walgate
"One of the best investments I've made in myself for myself for the benefit of myself and others.  Hugely enjoyable!  I would recommend to anyone!" - David Kirk
"This course was very worthwhile.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting a fresh approach to management/leadership." - Naomi Johnson
"Very enjoyable, very clear.  This course put into perspective many different aspects about myself and my life.  Thank you." - Nicola Wilson
"Very informative with good ideas about managing all aspects of leadership.  Would recommend this course to my colleagues." - Nicola Webster
"Interesting and informative.  Induced reflection on how I am within family group - feel this will continue.  Easy atmosphere - and room for open and friendly discussion"- Becky Lewis
"I have seen Mel's 'Leadership through the Eyes of the Wolf' presentation 3 or 4 times and the delivery, message and impact have always been tremendous and extremely well received.  If you are keen to learn how the organised and disciplined world of the wolf pack can improve your behaviour and performance this is for you." - Steve Skeldon
"Mel is extremely professional at everything she does and is a very caring individual.   Her presentation about 'Leadership through the Eyes of the Wolf' is illuminating and I have no doubt that her new course will be inspirational." - Judith {Senior Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant}
"Having seen Mel’s presentation it does show you that this Intelligent, Superior Species, we allegedly are, has not quite got it right and how much we can learn a thing or two about our lives and society as a whole from the animal world about us.  Eye opening, yet so obvious once you hear it." - Dominque Emmans {Complete Catering Service}