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Wolf Pack Leadership

True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders"

Robert Townsend

These courses are not currently running (November 2019)

Wolf Pack Leadership... 

Leadership is an attitude that comes from within.

This course started as a tiny acorn of idea, coming from the work I do with dogs & their owners.  When helping people change their dog’s behaviour I show them how they can be better leaders for their dogs.  People were finding this empowered them in other areas of their lives where they felt able to make better decisions there too.  They were reporting back that they felt empowered to deal differently with situations in their work, parenting and relationships.  I now teach this to people from all walks of life, using the powerful metaphor of the Wolf Pack.

Our one day course is designed to empower you, increase your confidence and give you the skills to find your inner leader.  

Whether you are running your own business, changing career, parenting children, struggling with relationships or wish to gain confidence and be calmer then this course will help.