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Your dog and firework night(s)

This is the season of whizzes, bangs, flashes & scared dogs!

This year can be different.  Here are ways in which you can help your dog at this difficult time of year:

  • Be Calm – your dog needs a strong, steady leader to take their lead from. Be truly relaxed – your dog knows if you are acting!
  • Do not fuss or try to reassure your dog whatever their behaviour. They will think you are stressed and now has to cope with you as well as the fireworks.
  • Avoid eye contact or constantly watching your dog.
  • Ignore your dog’s behaviour if it is not too disturbing.   e.g. whining, pacing around or being generally unsettled.
  • Make your dog’s world smaller. Stay with them in one room, close the curtains and doors, put on the TV or some music, read a book and act as if these noises are the most normal thing in the world.
  • If your dog wishes to lie behind the sofa, under a table, be in a smaller room or in a crate then let them. They find small spaces comforting.
  • If your dog gets very distressed e.g. barking, howling, spinning, scrabbling, or digging then call them to you.
  • If your dog ignores you then take them by the collar (if it is safe to do so) or place a slip lead round their neck and hold your dog next to you gently but firmly.  Do not speak to your dog or make make direct eye contact.  When you feel your dog relax then loosen your hold.
  • You can continue to have your dog on a lead near you during the time the fireworks are going off. Once they are finished and your dog is settled then remove the lead.

Remember, the best love you can give your dog is to be a strong, calm leader.  Use this as an opportunity to show your dog what a good leader you can be.

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After reading your advice for a frightened dog on bonfire night, I feel more able to offer my dog constructive support. Thank You

By Wendy Fox on Sunday, October 20, 2013

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