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Staying Healthy Naturally

The following hints & tips may be helpful in keeping you strong & healthy and aiding recovery if you do get ill.
Boost immune function

  • Plenty of sleep, good food, exercise in fresh air, reduce stress
  • Vitamin C : is water soluble, need more if fighting an acute illness found in citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers, kiwis
  • Zinc : Seafood, dark chocolate, seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon
  • Selenium : Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, fish
  • Vitamin A : Carrots, mango, sweet pots, spinach, dried apricots
  • Vitamin D : Sunlight, oily fish, mushrooms, eggs
  • Vitamin E : Sunflower seeds, almonds, pine nuts, avocados, peanuts
  • Vitamin Bs : Meat, oats, bananas, leafy green vegetables, potatoes
  • Good quality vitamin & mineral supplement e.g. Solgar {They work best in the right combination – get what pay for}
  • Garlic - Anti-viral, blood cleanser (best eaten raw)
  • Bee Propolis – 500mg – 1000mg daily
  • Milk Thistle – detox & strengthen liver function (not continuously)

At onset of acute illness

  • Rest –the world won’t stop turning (honest!)
  • Sleep – it’s the best healer
  • Drink – water that is, to hydrate & cleanse
  • Raise body temperature to kill bugs – hot water bottle, hot baths,curry, warming drinks eg: ginger cordial in hot water
  • Avoid mucous forming foods eg: dairy
  • Echinacea – take sporadically, 7 – 10 days at onset or contact
  • Golden Seal & Astragalus – take with Echinacea
  • Sambucol (Black Elderberry) – can reduce severity of cold/flu

Deal with symptoms the drug free way

  • Sore throat/lost voice : Cider Vinegar, honey & hot water
  • Sort throat : gargle of Thyme tea (cooled) or tea tree oil/salt solution
  • Congested sinuses : steam over boiling water (& eucalyptus oil etc)
  • Liquorice tea or chewed – antiviral/antibacterial properties
  • Use Specific Homeopathic remedies to help yourself get better quicker

Replenish & Recover

  • Good bacteria after Antibiotics – Acidophilus/Bifidus capsules
  • Don’t use anti-bacterial handwashes – we need some bacteria
  • Pace yourself – you are not a machine!
  • Even very healthy people get acute illnesses, it’s the ability to bounce back quickly that matters
  • Deal with long term health problems – don’t be an ostrich!

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