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My 'Fast Diet' Plan

My way with The Fast Diet

or 5:2 Way of Eating

{Or – how to have your cake and eat it!} 

I was initially attracted to the philosophy behind this way of eating, which is as old as the hills. 

Fasting has long been used in many cultures and our hunter/gather ancestors didn’t eat 3 square meals a day either.  There are many health benefits, including weight loss.  

I’ve been practising this way of eating for over 3 years now.  I do one day a week (1:6) as maintenance and to keep the health benefits.  If I over indulge or the jeans are getting a bit tight I do two days a week (5:2) until I feel back to where I am happy again.  

This is the easiest way of eating I have ever embarked on – and it has really worked for me.  As a serial dieter of many years standing this has been a revelation.  

Basically on 2 alternate days a week you eat a quarter of your daily calorie needs.

For most women it’s around 500 calories and for most men it’s 600.  

Your specific calorie needs can be worked out more accurately on the following websites. Mine is actually 450 calories.

Read the associated books and trawl the websites for more info:     

“The Fast Diet” by Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer   

“The 5:2 Diet” by Kate Harrison


  • Get your mindset right – Be excited and look on this as a cleanse/rest/healthy process.
  • Weigh & measure yourself so you can monitor your body changes.
  • Choose Fast days for when you are busy.  You are less likely to focus on food.
  • Keep out of food shops/supermarkets/the kitchen as much as possible – delegate family cooking.
  • Keep your fasting days separate. Consecutive Fast days are far too much like hard work.I tend to do Mondays and then either a Wednesday or Thursday.  You can change it each week depending on your social/work commitments. I avoid weekends - too unsociable for me.
  • Accept there is never the perfect time.  Just choose a day to start and go for it.

On Fast Days

  • Plan what you will eat ahead of time.
  • On Fast Days keep a food diary and count ALL calories.  Google these if unsure.
  • Drink plenty of fluids – black tea or coffee, ½ tsp bouillon stock mix & boiling water, herby teas, water – fizzy or still. Stay clear of diet drinks as the artificial sweetener still affects the pancreas.
  • Some people need breakfast & dinner others are better leaving it later in the day to eat.
  • Keep to high protein, low sugar foods.  They keep your blood sugar stable and you feel fuller.
  • Accept you will feel hungry – that means it’s working.  You appreciate food all the more this way.
  • The mantra to keep in mind – “It’s only for today, I can eat whatever I want tomorrow.”

My Fasting Menu

I eat pretty much the same things on a Fast Day.  This makes it easier to keep to a fasting mindset. I eat from this selection below, remembering to count calories up to a maximum of 400 calories.

  • Porridge – 30g oats, 200ml unsweetened almond milk + 1 tsp honey or 10g raisins 50ml water = 180 calories
  • ‘Juice Plus’ Protein shake made with 1 scoop protein powder with 200ml unsweetened almond milk & 50ml water = 160 calories
  • Scrambled egg – made with 2 medium eggs (80 cals each), splash of milk (15 cals),  sliver of butter (15 cals) 4 cherry tomatoes (12 cals) = 202 calories
  • 1 can Aldi Veg soup (138 cals) or Sainsburys spring vegetable soup (135 cals)

I save my last 50 calories for a cup of tea with milk & a half a digestive biscuit at supper time.      Tel: 01909 591972 or 07968 049578 

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