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FAQs - Homeopathy Services

"The highest ideal is the rapid, gentle & permanent restoration of health."

Taken from:
"The Organon Of The Medical Art"
by Samuel Hahnemann

Frequently Asked Questions - My Services

*** As of March 2020 - I am currently conducting consultations over Skype, WhatsApp video or the telephone ***

What happens in a consultation?

An initial consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes.

This time is yours to express how you feel, what you would like some help with, what symptoms you experience and how life is for you.  Confidentiality is always paramount and information shared is viewed objectively.

A full medical history is taken, along with a lot of information which may at first seem irrelevant to your current problem. These include your preferences for food, weather, environment etc. as these are fundamental expressions of you they help to build up a comprehensive picture.

After the consultation I will work on your case to find the remedy I feel is
the closest match to your whole profile.  Your remedy will usually be sent to you through the post.

Follow-up consultations last approximately 45 minutes.  These are usually at 4 - 6 weekly intervals.

It is useful to make a note of any changes, no matter how slight, which occur between appointments.

If I feel it would be for your benefit I may direct you to seek advice from other therapists or to consult your doctor for tests or further investigations.

What does a consultation cost?

First Consultation (Adult):  £95.00
Follow-up Consultation (Adult):  £50

First Consultation (Child up to 15 yrs):  £65.00
Follow-up Consultations (Child up to 15 yrs):  £40

The above fees include the remedy prescribed.

First Aid/Acute Prescriptions over the phone & Repeat Prescriptions:  £15.00

Pre-Birth Consultation including specific Birth Kit (18 remedies):  £70

1st Aid/Acute ailments & tutoring session with 18 Remedy Helios Kit:  £70

Pet care for 1st Aid/Acute ailments & tutoring session with 24 Remedy Helios Kit: £75

Appointments not attended, without 24 hrs notice of cancellation, incur a charge of 50% of consultation fee.

What ongoing support do you offer?

Any queries that arise between appointments may be discussed over the telephone.

When I am away on holiday or attending further training courses I have a trusted colleague who provides locum cover for me.  Jane Hampson is a Registered Homeopath who lives in Nottingham.
If I am unavailable her email address will be on my landline ansaphone message.  Jane will be able to answer any queries & give advice over the phone, or via email, and ensure you have a good continuity of care.

You can also get emergency homeopathic help from the 'Homeopathy Helpline'. Their availability and charges are on their website. Click here

Where can I see you?

As of March 2020, instead of seeing patients at my home in Blyth, North Nottinghamshire, I am conducting consultations over Skype, WhatsApp video or over the phone.

I also practise at Bawtry Health Shop on some Monday afternoons.

To book an appointment either contact me at my home practice in

Blyth on 01909 591972.

8 The Maltings


North Notts  S81 8HD


Bawtry: 01302 719917 (Monday afternoons)

Bawtry Natural Health & Therapy Centre
David House
South Parade
DN10 6JL

What's my background?

Homeopathy was my first big discovery when I stumbled across it over 20 years ago as a way to solve a long term health problem of my own.  I was suffering with excruciating headaches that no doctor could find any explanation for.  There was nothing they could offer me except painkillers which weren’t even working.  Finding a Homeopath was a huge relief.  Not only did she really listen to how I felt but she said she was the first person who said she could help and help she did.  Within a matter of months these horrific and debilitating headaches were at thing of the past. 

This experience led me to have a keen interest in Homeopathy.  I decided to train in it myself and qualified in 1999, becoming a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths in 2001.  I constantly strive to update my knowledge studying with such great Homeopaths as Jeremy Sherr at his Dynamis School and developing my own style of practise influenced by the Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method.

Since 2017, I am delighted to be teaching and supervising students at the North West College of Homeopathy, based in Stockport.  They offer part time courses and CPD training days. For more details about their training courses click here

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