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Testimonials - Canine Communication

"The training was excellent (consultation). It was clear & thorough.  It gave me confidence to move forward with a very difficult situation and the telephone back-up has been an invaluable support. The method makes absolute sense
and the dogs are responding well."

B Lewis with Beau & Lily

Canine Comunication Testimonials

"We have had immediate results following Mel's method.  Barney, our 2 year old Cockerpoo, is calmer, happier and more obedient and our relationship with him is stronger as a result.  Mel gives clear and detailed instructions and talked us through the process very thoroughly.  We would highly recommend Canine Communication." - Tana & Peter with Barney

"I rang Mel as a last resort.  I had more or less accepted that I was going ot have Tizzy put to sleep at some point in the near future due to her aggressive behaviour.  I had tried various methods to try and resolve the problems we were having but nothing seemed to be working.  It ended up with a very confused owner and dog!  Within an hour of Mel arriving Tiz was already showing an incredible improvement in her attitude.  Three weeks on and we have a calm and secure dog, whose behaviour is improving all the time.  If you have any doubts about having Mel to help you, then please don't hesitate.  It scares me to think that I may have had my beloved dog destroyed needlessly." - Paula & Tizzy

"Mel was fantastically diplomatic and kind in retraining us and retraining us and helping us learn more about the way Flynn thinks.  We have seen great changes in his obedience and noticeable behavioural changes all of which have benefited our lives and Flynn's greatly.  We would recommend Mel to anyone." - Tristan, Duncan & Flynn the Lurcher

"Mel came to work with our 8 week old puppy.  The wealth of information and knowledge Mel had for us was brilliant.  The session was delivered in an easy to understand way and tailored to our families' needs and expectations.  We are putting into practise the things Mel suggested and we can already see a happier, more settled puppy.  And a more confident family!  Thank you Mel!  For anyone thinking of getting a new puppy this session is invaluable, please do it!" - Lynda & Ruby

"Mel's teaching is a revelation and starts as soon as she walks through the door.  Bear is no happy as he knows his place in the pack and I'm not worried that I don't know what I'm doing!"

 - Heather & Bear

"We had an issue with our young border collie, Minnie, leaving her calling card on occasions, long after she should have stopped.  As all else had failed, we called Mel who very quickly identified the problem, showed us where we were going wrong and gave us very clear advice on how to resolve the problem. The improvement was immediate and the knock on effects have been remarkable.  It''s clear that Minnie is far less hyper, her mum, Chammie, has regained her pre-mother fun again and the 2 of them play brilliantly together.  Having 2 fun loving, chilled happy dogs more than justified Mel''''s fees and we''d fully recommend her to anyone who has concerns about their dog''''s behaviour."         - Denise and Neil

"Just thought I''d give you an update on Billy (see earlier testimonial below) He has turned out to be the best of the retrievers we have had so far.  He is so obedient it is untrue.  It''''s great when we come home. No fuss, no damage.  He has the run of the house.  You certainly put us on the right road.  Thank you so much for your help." - Terri, Jim & Billy

"Mel has worked hard to show me how to help my dog Tyson.  He is a very nervous dog around people and other dogs.  She has shown me the skills I need to help him plus myself so that he is not so stressed out.  The information that Mel will give you is brilliant.  It is all you need to help your dog to solve any problems.  A big thank you." - Sarah & Tyson

"Your training and advice has been highly successful.  Poppy has come on leaps and bound and we are highly delighted with the results.  Thank you very much. - Poppy''''s owners

"Solo had been in rescue 5 years beofre we brought him home and had basically forgotten how to be a ''''pet dog''''.We slowly and steadily made good progress but moving house changed that.  He stopped eating and even began messing in the house.  After contacting Mel, overnight there was no more messing in the house and after a week his eating habits had returned to normal.  He is now going from strength to strength and a dog once labelled as not good with children and dog aggressive is great with our toddler and making doggy friends." - N.H. & Solo

"Thank you for the fantastic work you have done with our four Jack Russell terriers.  With your help and guidance we now understand how to look after our dogs properly so that they are happy and obedient.  I strongly feel that all prospective dog owners would greatly benefit from a session with you to understand their dog and to minimise any problems."
Bronwyn Milner"

The training was excellent (consultation). It was clear & thorough.  It gave me confidence to move forward with a very difficult situation and the telephone back-up has been an invaluable support. The method makes absolute sense and the dogs are responding well."
B Lewis with Beau & Lily 

"We sometimes think we''''ve got a different dog - Whiskey was constantly scratching and shaking his head because he was stressed.  This method has stopped Whiskey from stressing about us and us about him.  He wanders around the house without a worry.  He''''s stopped barking at everybody walking past the front window."
B. E. Needham 

"Buzz is doing fine since your visit to our home.  We have been doing the training you advised.  Once it was explained to us what was the problem with Buzz (he thought he was looking after us instead of the other way round) it makes sense and we could see where we have been going wrong.  Buzz is a lot more relaxed in the home.  We are gradually introducing him to the ''''Big Wide World as you advised.  Thank you again for your help and advise, we are confident we will be able to help Buzz."
Jeff & Jennifer Davis. 

"Amazing results in the first 1/2 hour.  We still have work in progress.  So far great results from Barney the old dog.  Billy has become a lot more calm."
Terri, Jim, Barney & Billy 

"I found Mel to be understanding and she listened to what I had to say.  The difference in my dogs grows daily.  We and I include myself are all learning.  It is as Mel said an ongoing process yet is not hard to continue."