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FAQs - Canine Communication

"The training was excellent (consultation). It was clear & thorough.  It gave me confidence to move forward with a very difficult situation and the telephone back-up has been an invaluable support. The method makes absolute sense
and the dogs are responding well."

B Lewis with Beau & Lily

Frequently Asked Questions - Canine Communication


What is canine communication?

It is a natural method of communicating with dogs in a way they understand.  This applies to all canines.  It is mostly body language and works to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Actions speak louder than words.


How does canine communication work?

It is a simple natural process that shows our dogs that we are the best Pack Leader for them.
Pack Leaders are on duty 24/7 but there are key points in your dog's life where they really need you to show that you are making good decisions for them.
When we step up and take on the responsible job of Pack Leader then our dogs can relax and behavioural problems melt away.
By following this method we can encourage dogs to choose us as their leader and show them they can trust us with their lives.

How long will it take to work?

Every dog is different but you may see changes in some areas fairly quickly, sometimes instantly.  Depending on the severity of the problems and the type of personality of your dog some behaviour may take longer to resolve.
It is best to regard this as an ongoing way of living with your dog which will benefit any dog.  By using this way of relating to your dog you can give it the chance to learn self-control without exerting force over it or making it do something against its will.
This is the natural way to communicate with all dogs, not just dogs with problems.
If you are interested in reading some background about how dogs see the world I recommend John Fisher's book "Think Dog".  Some of his methods differ to those I teach however, his clear explanation give great insight into the mind of our best friends.

Why shouldn't a dog be a leader?

To be the leader you have to understand the world you live in - dogs don't!
In domesticating them we have taken them out of their natural surroundings and our modern world is alien to them.
Dogs know there has to be a leader and will assume the role, whether they want to or not. In our environment a dog cannot cope with being responsible for its pack, i.e. us, so they become stressed and unhappy.
By swapping jobs with them, and making sure we take the leadership role, we can liberate our dogs.

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