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FAQs - Canine Communication Services

"The training was excellent (consultation). It was clear & thorough.  It gave me confidence to move forward with a very difficult situation and the telephone back-up has been an invaluable support. The method makes absolute sense
and the dogs are responding well."

B Lewis with Beau & Lily

Frequently Asked Questions - Canine Communication Services

What happens in a canine consultation?

Before the consultation I like to connect to your dog (or dogs) and find out more about them. To enable me to do this it would be very useful if you would email or post to me a photograph of your dog. A photograph which shows their head, face and clearly the eyes is best. This helps me to tune into them and learn more about how they feel and what is important to them before we all meet together.

The consultation itself is conducted at your own home, in an environment where your dog feels safe and can last 4 - 6 hours.
Instead of the usual hands-on approach where your dog is trained, you will be taught how to communicate with your dog in a way it understands.  Your dog already knows this!
You will learn why your dog does what it does and how you can help it to be more settled and relaxed.  I will teach you this straight forward method and help you with any queries you have about how to implement this.
No gadgets are used.  In fact I will not ask you to do anything to your dog that you wouldn't feel comfortable doing to a small child.  It is a process of communication rather than a quick fix and the benefits that come from this will last as long as you continue to use it.
Over time, as you work with this method, undesirable behaviour changes and a more harmonious relationship becomes established between you and your dog.

 What does a canine consultation cost?

A canine consultation fee is £295, plus travel expenses at 45p per mile. 

This covers the 1:1 consultation and 3 months inclusive back-up either via face to face or over the phone.

 What ongoing support do you offer?

For 3 months after your consultation at home I will continue to support you and your dog either face to face or via telephone as required.  If there are issues where you need me to pay a repeat visit in the 3 month period, I will only charge my travel expenses at 45p per mile.

After the initial 3 months, I am available to advise and support you with any problems that arise at a cost of £20 per telephone call. 

If there are problems that you would like more face to face help with then I am happy to arrange a revisit for you.  The fee for this is £50 plus additional travel expenses charged at 45p per mile.

Will a canine consultation help my puppy?
More and more people are looking to bring up their new puppy the 'right way'.  As prevention is better than cure I am fully in support of this and delighted to be able to help lay the foundations for a rewarding relationship between puppy & owner.  
A puppy is still a dog albeit it a youngster therefore this method will give your puppy the security it needs to see you as Pack Leader from the word go.
An early consultation will help you avoid & successfully handle potentially difficult situations as your puppy grows into an adult dog.

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