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Canine Communication

"The training was excellent (consultation). It was clear & thorough.  It gave me confidence to move forward with a very difficult situation and the telephone back-up has been an invaluable support. The method makes absolute sense
and the dogs are responding well."

B Lewis with Beau & Lily


With the passing of my dear girl, Scoobs, I have decided to stop doing dog behaviour work. I intend to focus on my homeopathy work/teaching whilst studying shamanic healing with Scoobs by my side on a different level.

If you are looking for help with your dog's behaviour I heartily recommend you speak to Angie Chambers who will do her best to help you or direct you to someone who can.  (November 2019)

Click here - Angie The Dog Listener


Understand and Change your Dog's Behaviour

If men are from Mars and Women are from Venus then dogs are from Pluto!

Being the guardian of a dog is being part of a relationship like any other.  It requires understanding & effective communication.

I help people see the world through their dog's eyes and teach them how to have a better conversation with their dog.

By deepening your connection with your best friend you build trust, respect and love.  Surely the best foundation for any relationship.

With this natural form of Canine Communication you can get to the root of problems and become the Decision Maker your dog really needs you to be. 

Does your Dog have Problems with:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Running away
  • Jumping up at you or visitors
  • Nervousness
  • Food guarding or fussy eating
  • Possessiveness with toys
  • Destroying the house/possessions
  • Aggressive behaviour towards people or other dogs
  • Soiling in the house
  • Persistent barking
  • Follows you continually at home
  • Hyperactivity
  • Chasing cars, bikes, joggers etc
  • Fears loud noises, fireworks, thunderstorms, bird scarers
  • Very stressed/destructive when left alone at home

Learn how to be 'Happy & In Control' with your dog, no matter what problem, what breed,
or what age.

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How I discovered this way of helping dog?

Alongside my interest in natural health my other main love is for my dog Scooby.

She came into my life in 2007, a dog from a rescue shelter, who had been waiting for a home for over a year.  I am her third owner and it soon became apparent why that is. 

She is a very smart, strong willed but nervous dog who would rather take matters into her own paws than defer to anyone else.  I tried all the conventional ways of calming her down but to no avail. 

In the end we were both extremely stressed until I learned a more natural form of Canine Communication.  At last, we both understood each other a lot better and she in turn could trust me to make good decisions for her. 

I now help other dog owners, in a similar situation to one I found myself in, to understand and alter their dog’s behaviour in a kind, effective manner.